Hi, I am Apurba

I have been working as a Fullstack developer since Early 2014. I have started my career as a WordPress theme developer. I have developed themes for Themeforest and WordPress org. I started developing plugins for WordPress in mid-2015. I Love Programming. Try to learn a new technology every day. Try to upgrade my existing skill. I started working with Laravel in 2017. I have developed a website with Laravel. 2016 I have begun exploring react. I developed apps for Shopify/TiendaNube in 2018 with Laravel & React. Besides this, I create the API for the mobile app backend with Laravel.

I play guitar to motivate myself. I love to draw cartoons. I try to read books. I love to travel where I can spend time with me.These are all my hobbies.

I think life is short. I try to enjoy every moment of my life with my family. Programming is just like magic for me. It thrills me every time after completing my job. I want to be capable of working till my last breath.
If you are interested, you may download my  Resume.

You may contact me through this link.

My WordPress plugin is called Price Per unit, and My Shopify app is called Easy table of content.